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Our Company History

Samarth Enterprise is a company which is completely involved and focused towards Solar Solutions. It is a kind of "ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR SOLAR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES". Solar energy is the biggest and easily available source of energy and not just this but We (SAMARTH SOLAR) believe that it will exist forever. It is a promise to ourselves that we will keep promoting the use of SOLAR ENERGY to every person and we will help them by providing the "best quality product at the best price". Samarth Enterprise never compromise with quality. It is our belief that if we will provide the best quality of product then we won't need to spend much money for marketing of that product. Our SATISFIED COSTUMERS will help us in getting more business and orders by their own. We are bound to ourself for providing SOLAR PRODUCTS with long life. It will help the customer to save money for a long term.

Solar Water Heater: Samarth makes it possible
Solar Technology is the best eco-friendly technology. The right kind of technology can be helpful by using sustainable energy with a view to save it for the next generations of human being.You can be at peace that your investment is not damaging the environment. We are also providing subsidy through SECI and GOVT. whichever suits to particular project


  • To plan and execute an integrated programme on development and implementation of renewable energy projects
  • To own, manage, investigate, plan, promote, develop, design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, modernization of power projects in solar,geo-thermal, tidal, bio-gas, bio-mass, small hydro and other renewable energy sources in India and abroad
  • To carry on business of generation, forecasting, purchasing, producing, manufacturing, importing, exporting, exchanging, selling and trading in power products and services in India and abroad
  • To plan, develop, maintain, lease, hire, manage solar parks, infrastructure facilities, and all related ancillary facilities & services in India and abroad
  • To carry on the business of planning, investigation, survey, research, design and preparation of preliminary feasibility and detailed project reports.
  • To assist, carry out such directions as may be issued by the Administrative Ministry from time to time in executing, evolving, managing, overseeing and coordinating programmes and projects under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and all such other Programmes or Missions as may from time to time to be implemented
  • To establish, provide, maintain, conduct, scientific and technical research, experiments, pilot projects and tests of all kinds and to process, improve, innovate and invent new products, technologies, directly or in collaboration with other agencies in India & abroad to achieve commercialization
  • To engage in the business of performance monitoring, data analysis, resource assessment, cost engineering, technology forecasting, training & capacity building, skill development, promotion & awareness campaigns etc.in India and abroad
  • To promote, organize, conduct and render consultancy services in the related activities of the Company in India
To build ‘Green India’ through harnessing abundant solar radiation and to achieve energy security for the country.


To become the leader in development of large scale solar installations, solar plants and solar parks and to promote and commercialize the use of solar energy to reach remotest corner of India.